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Afraid of the Dentist?

We Can Help 

Don’t be afraid of this family dentist! Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg is friendly, calm, and professional. There is cable TV to watch and his staff is really friendly and personable.


For most of us, there’s something that makes us anxious – that one particular thing that causes irrational feelings of fear and apprehension.

For some it’s the fear of public speaking. For others, it’s the fear of snakes. There’s even a condition called alektorophobia which is the fear of chickens. It may sound funny, but it’s not funny to the person experiencing it, and if you have a dental phobia, that’s not funny either.

The key to your good oral health is prevention. Anxiety about dental visits and avoiding checkups can allow new – and often preventable – problems to develop.

We can suggest ways to manage, or even overcome, dental anxiety. Your oral health is so important to your overall health. Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from taking care of yourself! Let us help you right now. Call your Scarborough Family Dentist at 416-261-0071, we will make sure it’s as easy and pleasant as possible!

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